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Traditionally over hot as street food on the hectic byways of cities such as Hanoi and Saigon, Vietnamese lemongrass pork (or thit heo nuong xa) is one of the easiest và tastiest classic Vietnamese recipes khổng lồ replicate in your own trang chủ kitchen. It’s a great way khổng lồ experience some authentic, flavoursome food of this exotic

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Releasing The Flavours

I used a pestle & mortar to lớn make the base for the marinade. I find this is better than using a food processor or blender for this type of meal because I want lớn have sầu all of the aromatics released, and crushing the ingredients ensures this. If you don’t have sầu one available, you can use a hvà blender, but I getting a pestle và mortar, it does make a positive difference.

In the method below, I present options for both standard grill ovens and BBQ.

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Sharp knifeChopping boardMeasuring spoonsSmall bowlPastry brushLarge sealable


4 pork chops or loin steaks3 tbsp granulated sugar4-5 garlic cloves2 small shallot4-5 tbsp chopped lemongrass (see below)1 tbsp dark soy sauce1 tbsp oil, preferably groundnut1-4 tsp fish sauce (see below)1 tsp black pepperPinch and green scallion stalks (garnish)

Fish sauce is an acquired taste. If you’re not used to it, try 1 tsp & see how you like it. I with 1 tsp, that’s enough for our tastes. Lemongrass paste can also be used, this is stronger than chopped lemongrass, so use 2-4 tbsp, depending on the strength of flavour you’re looking for.


PreparationAdd the garlic, shallot, lemongrass, sugar, pepper và salternative text to a pestle và mortar. Crush them into a paste. Transfer the paste to lớn a bowl và the soy sauce, fish sauce và oil.Brush the marinade over all sides of the pork chops. Place them in a sealable (or in a tray with a and marinate in a fridge for up to lớn 24 a grill khổng lồ medium-high or Big Green Egg (direct setup) lớn 180°C/355°F.Remove the pork chops from the marinating them either under the grill or directly over the of the Egg for 4 khổng lồ 8 minutes per side (depending on how thick the pork is), turning a of times.Transfer them lớn a warm plate & loosely with kitchen foil for 10 minutes.Garnish with chopped & green scallion stalks.


Hints, Tips & Pictures

Some thinly sliced red chili can be added to lớn the paste to give it some extra flavours.This meal is normally with pork chops over on the đô thị streets of Vietnam. I used pork loin steaks because I happened lớn have sầu some available. I’ve sầu also seen it with sliced boneless pork shoulder và cubes of pork on skewers. As long as the meat is about 1/2 an inch thichồng, you’re fine.As you’ll see from the below, this marinade can also be used on pork shoulder for a low & slow video clip shows how to lớn extract the parts of lemongrass necessary for