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Would you like to take care of your banking transactions conveniently và quickly? Our solution: VP. Bank e-banking.

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Use VP. Bank e-banking to put your finances in order. You will be kept informed of the status of your transactions and have sầu complete control of your costs thanks lớn transparent summaries. You will be given access to lớn up-to-date information và a wide range of functions, irrespective sầu of fixed office hours.

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Take care of banking transactions regardless of time và placeGet a quiông xã summary of your accounts and deposits at any timeReceive sầu electronic ngân hàng receipts và documents thanks khổng lồ e-PostQuickly and simply record your payment orders & standing ordersStay up lớn date with the financial markets thanks to market data summaries
 VPhường Bank e-banking and VPhường Bank e-banking plusVP.. Bank e-banking mobile
Account and deposit informationAsmix matrix with graphic displaySummary of assets & transactionsAsphối matrix with graphic displaySummary of assets and transactions
QR-billMultiscan allows you khổng lồ scan multiple QR-bills at the same timeMultipay allows you to lớn initiate multiple scanned payment orders at the same timeScan và process QR-bills for the fast and convenient entry of payments
Payment transactionsPayment transactions via all standard payment methodsPreparation and management of standing ordersSimple procedures for changing, deleting or copying payment và standing ordersRecording of tài khoản transfers, payments using red and orange payment slips & IBAN; the different payment methods depkết thúc on the ngân hàng locationScanning of payment slips to lớn quickly and conveniently record the paymentsDisplay of the last 100 payment và standing orders including their current status
Stoông xã exchangePlacement of individual và composite stoông xã exchange ordersClear presentation of stoông xã exchange & money market orders, including all details và current processing statusComprehensive sầu functions such as cancelling, copying or printing of ordersAttractive sầu discounts on transactionsRetrieval of up-to-date market dataReceipt of execution confirmations by SMS or faxRecording of stochồng exchange transactions via smartphone or tabletRetrieval of current market dataIndependent adding of new securitiesDisplay of the last 100 stochồng exchange transactions with their associated details
e-PostElectronic sending of banking correspondenceOrdering of electronic account và asmix statementsElectronic receipt of banking correspondence
CollaborationExchange messages & documents with VP Bank via a secure channelExchange messages và documents with VPhường Bank directly via VPhường Bank e-banking mobileUpload photos using the built-in camera function without saving the shot

Setting up notifications via VP Bank Connect, e-mail or text message lớn be informed about the following actions:

Account movement (credit or debit)Status changes for payment & stock exchange ordersAccount balanceMessagesReceipt of e-post documentsApproval of payment & stock exchange orders 

Setting up push notifications khổng lồ be informed about the following actions:

Account movement (credit or debit)MessagesReceipt of e-post documentsApproval of payment & stoông xã exchange orders 
Push notifications 

Creation of push notifications to lớn be informed of the following activities:

Account creditAccount debitMessagingReceipt of e-Post documentsApproval of payment orders / stochồng exchange orders
Granting of authorisations(applies only to lớn users of e-banking plus) Creating, blocking or cancelling of users và allocating the necessary rights & clients. 


FAQ e-banking

Do you have questions on VP Bank e-banking? Our FAQ page may provide some of the information you need. 


Security in e-banking

Learn more about the high security standards built inlớn VP. Bank e-banking and the golden rules you should follow for your own security when using e-banking and e-banking di động.


e-banking & application forms

Would you like to apply to lớn become a VPhường Bank e-banking user or lớn download the VP Bank e-banking software? Our "Software & forms" page contains everything you will need lớn download.